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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Hanut Singh




Hanut Singh loves the creativity behind being a jewelry designer, which he has been doing since an epiphany he had at the age of 30. Nowadays you can find gorgeous celebrities, princesses, queens, and fashion icons wearing and collecting his designs.  He uses 18k gold along with an assortment of precious stones to achieve his vision, all of which are vehemently handcrafted.  I caught up with the busy designer to ask him a few questions:  




At the moment I am working on a collection called SHAKEN AND STIRRED, which has hints of the past, but lashings of the future! I am using seventeenth century carving techniques and enameling, but done in a very sophisticated modern way. I hope to take this collection to London, New York and Mumbai.

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I am completely self trained and have no formal education, but i believe if you are really passionate about something, you teach yourself, you study the craft, you hone your ideas and skills, you can create your own tapestry of ideas and looks. This all started when I turned 30 and had an epiphany that I had to make jewelry. I started on my journey, and boy it has been a fantastic ride thus far!

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I have many: being in Time magazine two years into my career, Beyonce wearing my pieces in Cannes (this was before the real “selling and courting” to the celebrities that is now de rigueur), and having jewelry connoisseurs like Diane von Furstenberg, Princess Esra Jah, Queen Rania of Jordan, Cindy Sherman, Mary Kate Olsen, and Madonna wear my work. The biggest thrill is to see people wear my pieces all the time; things they may have bought 8 years ago or things they just purchased, and the respect my clients give me…that’s a total high!

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To keep on keeping on…maybe branch into a few select stores (have held back from doing that on purpose until now), be abundantly creative and continue on my path, to the beat of my drum.

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My Golconda diamond rings: an obsession of mine–the Golconda diamond that is.

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