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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Arik Kastan

aric-portrait Arik Kastan Rose Gold Jewelry is a line that I’ve loved from the very beginning! The designs resurrect the breathtaking craftsmanship and motifs of antique jewelry in today’s modern world. And the timing couldn’t have been better–with antique jewelry becoming popular as ever, and rose gold ranking as a huge trend. I caught up with Creative Director, Tamar, and got to ask her some questions. To the left is the designer himself, Arik Kastan!


Currently, we are working on some amazing Victorian inspired statement bangles, new marquise rings, and expanding our collection of floral cluster earrings.



Our most popular pieces are our classic three stone ring, our double-sided vintage padlock, and our rose cut diamond pave rings. Recently, far and away the biggest seller has been our stacking rings, which really epitomize the mix of vintage and modern that our line is all about.



One of the greatest things has been to see the strong response to our jewelry from a number of established jewelry designers who have bought our jewelry, both as buyers for their own boutiques, and for their own personal collections. I think that says a lot about the fresh aesthetic of the collection.

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We are excited to soon ship our first order to Ikram in Chicago. We are also going to be introducing a collection of pieces in 18k yellow gold. We have been perfecting the color of the yellow gold and are in the process of pairing the right stones with the pieces.

As far as hopes and dreams, I can only hope that we can have continued success so we can keep expanding our collection. We’d also like to do more custom one-of-kind pieces. We are growing organically, and taking things one step at a time.



Right now, if I had to pick one, my favorite is our vintage watch chain necklace, which I wear day to day. Outside the Arik Kastan collection, it would be my vintage belt buckle bangle. 383868_297917350246117_179625858741934_761599_1153979443_n IMG_6763