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Q & A with Jaimie Geller Jewelry



Jamie Geller Jewelry opened its doors in December of 2008. It quickly became a “hidden gem” for jewelry lovers, celebrities and stylists. With its key location just outside of Los Angeles in Pacific Palisades, the shop hosts jewelry trunk shows at least once a month and carries jewelry from top designers. The husband and wife duo compliment one another perfectly–Jaimie with a keen fashion sense and business mind, and Michael who has been in the jewelry industry since he could remember!

I caught up with the lovely Jaimie in between admiring each other’s Instagrams to ask her more about her store:






My husband is a 3rd generation jeweler and my expertise is in fashion.  Upon the birth of our first child, we wanted to do something together, so we combined our 2 passions to open our store, Jaimie Geller.

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I choose jewelry designers to carry in my store for a number of different reasons.  Obviously I have to like the look of the jewelry.  I try to bring in designers that are not only cutting edge but comfortable and wearable at the same time.  I feel it’s so important to actually WEAR the jewelry you buy and not just insure it and let it sit in a safe! I like for each of my designers to be totally different than anything else in my store.  I make sure to mix up classic and timeless pieces, layering them with jewelry thats on trend.  To me, jewelry is a reflection of your style and mood and I hope to represent designers that can let you reflect that.



We’re trying hard to work on the website and expand on social media.  Also, really looking forward to all of our holiday trunk shows!  We have one almost every week thru Christmas!


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My hopes, dreams, and goals…. Honestly, we are living the dream just being here!  We have so much fun always meeting new designers and clients.  Creating custom pieces for people as well as providing people with an amazing selection of jewels to capture significant moments in their lives.  Of course, there is always room for growth… But this store IS our dream!   We’re in a quiet town, and there is such a personal feel to every piece that leaves my store!  I can’t imagine doing anything else!

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My most favorite piece of jewelry I own… my engagement ring.  We took 4 years finding the perfect stone. It’s an old cut, known as a portrait diamond;  It’s cushion in shape, and perfect.  We set it in a micro pave halo, sideways and upside down so the top is totally flat, but the facets come through the top for sparkle. People always ask me “what is that stone?” and I love the look of surprise when I say a diamond.  I’ve never seen a ring like mine!      JGRing