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Q & A with Designer Behind Suneera Jewelry


Suneera fine jewelry, hand crafted in Los Angeles, is what the designer likes to call “modern antiquity.” She channels global inspiration when creating her pieces, all of which use 18k gold, diamonds and fine gemstones. She is proud to have a celebrity following–with women like Nicole Richie, Elizabeth Olsen and Halle Berry wearing her designs everyday. I love some of the rings she has in her line–the Shiva ring is amazing! I am kicking myself for not having enough time to see her amazing pieces in person at Couture. There is always next year! I caught up with the designer to ask her a few questions:


I like to keep my line fresh and forward, so I constantly sketch and pull inspiration from art history, magazines, Pinterest etc. I keep a small journal with all the various ideas I get throughout the day. I have been working a lot in rose gold... I love mixing it with semi-precious and precious gemstones like moonstone and salmon coral. It has a feminine and romantic feel that works really well together. I also am trying to make some more small bread and butter pieces. I find that I can use existing design elements from my one of a kind pieces to create everyday studs, necklaces and bracelets.

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From an early age, I had an extreme appreciation for jewelry and the materials used to produce it. My first pieces of jewelry were heirlooms that were passed down from my mother and grandmother-– every necklace, earring and ring has a story. I suppose this is where my passion comes from in making one of a kind pieces—which are best explained as modern antiquity.




I recently saw a client wearing a necklace she bought three years ago. I design my pieces with the idea of them being timeless—so when I ran into her, it was such a compliment!



I am so grateful for all the success I have had with my business and the people that I have met along the way. In the near future, I would love to have my collection curated in a high end retail and/or lifestyle stores. A dream that I would love to see turn into reality is for my brand to become recognizable in both national and international markets.

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It’s hard to pick just one—but I suppose it would be my Basha studs. For my 16th birthday my father gave me two .25 carat diamonds that I used for the first pair.

Basha Studs- BSDER (2)