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Q & A with Designer Behind Mociun





There is no doubt how creative Caitlin Mociun is as a designer. With a formal training in textile design and sculpture, jewelry design has been something she has quite frankly, stumbled upon. Her custom work has won the hearts of brides-to-be and her jewelry line has trend-setters swooning. Mociun’s style and aesthetic is like no other, leading her career to excel.

I am a huge fan and so happy I got a chance to catch up with Caitlin, the designer behind Mociun and brain behind the brand:









I’m working on so many exciting projects right now! I am always designing new custom jewelry for private clients and special pieces for my store. I am getting ready to open a new space sometime mid to late next year. I have a couple of books I’m starting to outline with two different people. I like to keep myself busy 🙂

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I don’t have any formal background in jewelry. I studied textile design. My thesis project had a lot of small sculpture in it so I feel like I have anyways had an affinity for small objects like jewelry.

I had a clothing line for six years and then started adding hand made pieces (made from crystals, shells, brass, and string) a few years in. Then working with someone to make a jewelry line in gold and silver. The first collection was kind of a disaster! I didn’t know what I was doing. After another year I got the hang of how to best design in gold and precious stones and made three collections, most of those early pieces are still part of our collection. I am currently getting a gemology degree and will pretty much talk to anyone to absorb more knowledge about jewelry! I just love it. Mociun rings sb

Pretty much anything can inspire me. I often find I am just sitting there and it comes to me. Not sure if you have ever heard the Radio Lab show that mentions how Tom Waits talks to the creative process like its a thing/person/muse. But I kind of relate to that. I don’t actually talk to ‘her’ but have come to realize that I am not the kind of person that can’t force great things. I just go about my business and when the ‘thing’ comes to me it comes to me. I feel blessed that she comes to me often! tumblr_mf5u34beZE1qmxhtqo2_r1_1280 4454991248_9aaeeb37e7

I am really excited about continuing to expand my business. Another space- different from the current store. Not ready to reveal what that is yet. I also am excited to keep learning more about gems and jewelry. Expanding my customer base so I can continue to work with more and more wonderful stones.

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This one is a hard for me. I love both the Moon and Stars Ring– it was one of the first turquoise and diamond pieces I made so it has a special place in my heart because of that. And the Stacked Sapphire Ring. I just love it and wear it everyday. Well, I wear both of them every day!

Moon and stars ring Stacked Sapphire Ring