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Q & A with Camille of Nouvel Heritage

Nouvel Heritage | Gem Gossip

What were you doing at the tender age of 21?! Sipping your “first” glass of alcohol, studying for college exams, bar hopping with friends…? How about launching your own jewelry line?! Camille has opted for the latter, at such a young age, she has accomplished what most would in a lifetime. Her jewelry line Nouvel Heritage is handmade in Paris, with each piece highly customized, built specifically for each order, with engraving always an option. I was so grateful to receive a piece by Nouvel Heritage for my personal collection, a trio of coral branch rings NH1500, one set with spinel, one set with an opal bead, and one set with Paraiba tourmaline, made just for me. I had each engraved on the inside–one with my name, and the other two my sister’s names, as we are a trio as well! I’ve been enjoying stacking them with other rings from my collection–sometimes wearing all three together, while other times just wearing one. I love the look of one on each finger! 

Camille’s collections are so wearable, with every piece having a special touch which makes each design that much more personal and covetable. Like little tassles you can wear in multiple ways, a necklace which you can have engraved with YOUR OWN LIP PRINT (yes, all you need is dark lipstick, a piece of paper and a smartphone), bracelets which you can stack and link together, and much more! Be sure to check out her website to see everything!!


We are currently developing a new collection that will come out beginning of March. We are also working on adding new pieces to our existing collections for the Spring/Summer season. I am very excited about it, there are going to be a lot of very colorful pieces! And as always, they can all be personalized and they offer a wide range of styling possibilities.

Nouvel Heritage | Gem Gossip


Jewelry design has always been a part of my life; my mother really shared her passion with me very early on and for as long as I can remember we would imagine and draw jewelry pieces inspired from our travels or from the various art books she would collect. Everyday we would imagine: “oh, wouldn’t that be a great idea for a jewelry?”

I started with high-school field-discovery internships at Chaumet, the jewelry brand on Place Vendome, and it did create a vocation in me, I remember feeling very strongly that this was the industry I would want to evolve in.

Soon after that my mother, former chairwoman of Cartier, bought a workshop on Rue de la Paix, I would spend all my free-time, including vacations, helping out and learning about the business. I went through every department there, from designing to stone sorting and manufacturing, I even manufactured a piece of jewelry of my own. I always thought it was important to understand how a piece is manufactured. Everything for Nouvel Heritage is hand-made so when we conceptualize and draw the jewelry we must think of how it can be translated into an actual piece.

Nouvel Heritage | Gem Gossip


Definitely the day we launched Nouvel Heritage! I hope it will be the day I remember as the day that started my career. I am 21 and a senior in college so I still have so much more to experience in my career.

Nouvel Heritage | Gem Gossip


Graduating from college is definitely at the top of my goals list. I am an Entrepreneurship major so working on Nouvel Heritage is already a dream come true; I am both working in the jewelry industry and on my own venture.

2016 will also be the first full year of Nouvel Heritage’s existence. We are expecting and hoping for more brand visibility this year. We have several projects coming up this year that we are very excited about!

My dream is that Nouvel Heritage become the to-go place for bespoke and personalized jewelry. I also strongly believe in the online market. Our online platform is what enables us to be so flexible to clients’ demand and make personalized jewelry.

Nouvel Heritage | Gem Gossip


My signet ring– personalized with my initials! I just received it as a surprise-gift from my mother for Christmas. It was a surprise because I designed it but I wasn’t aware that she had it made for me. It is actually one of the signature pieces for our upcoming collection. I can’t wait for you to see it! It is very unique and I believe is the kind of piece that last a lifetime.

Nouvel Heritage | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Nouvel Heritage; all original photography by GemGossip.

Nouvel Heritage

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