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Q & A with Broken English owner Laura


Have you ever been inside a store where you absolutely love EVERYTHING?  


Broken English is gorgeous-jewelry-overload, with each piece thoughtfully hand-picked by owner Laura.  The jewelry boutique is located in Santa Monica, California right on 26th Street.  With its eclectic ambiance, the store features antique deco and modern jewelry cases plus a beautiful Italian glass chandelier from the 1950s.


Broken English showcases jewelry designers like Pade Vavra, Carla Amorim, C Greene, Todd Reed, Wendy Brandes, Ian Saude, Darlene Desedle and many others.  


Gem Gossip had to know more about this amazing jewelry boutique, and owner Laura helped out by answering our questions: 



Laura: My love of jewelry began at an early age. My mother was a show girl at the Lido in Paris and I would spend hours looking at her old photos admiring the elaborate costumes and life style that she once lived.



Laura: I look for jewelry designers who are artists and leaders in the style that makes their jewelry unique and special. The most important thing that I look for in a piece of jewelry is that it is timeless. That quality to me is the most important thing. I see myself as a curator of my clients jewelry collections. I want them to build a lasting collection that represents the memories and mile stones in their lives.



Laura: I am always looking for new designers that are pushing the edge of the envelope. There is nothing more exciting to me then to be blown away by an artist’s talent and creativity.



Laura: The trends that I see coming in jewelry for 2010 are bold, clean lines, big chunky gem stones, accented with lots of pave, and always the basics.



Laura: My favorite piece of jewelry is my C Greene snake bracelet. It is made to be a full circle that connects at the head of the snake. It’s very symbolic to me that everything is connected, and to follow my intuition.




{above are two snake cuffs designed by C Greene, owner Laura’s favorite piece of jewelry she owns.  You can purchase one for yourself at Broken English!}


Broken English

225 26th St  #17  

Santa Monica, CA