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Q & A with 66mint in San Francisco, CA

994993_241023689405111_1594383193_n 66mint has been providing customers with great service when it comes to antique and estate jewelry for the past 100 years! Located in the Mint Plaza in San Francisco, California, this gem has some amazing pieces of jewelry. Anything from antique Victorian or Art Deco and modern, signed pieces, 66mint has specialized in bringing you the best of estate jewelry. They also buy unwanted jewelry on a daily basis–so stop in if you live in the area and bring along your jewelry you are willing to part with…I caught up with Marcus & Joseph of 66mint, and they answered some questions for Gem Gossip readers!



It’s a business that has been in our family for generations, so a love of the business (and the jewelry!) has been continually passed down.

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Never knowing what’s going to walk in the door on any given day. We come in every morning with a calendar full of things that we THINK we’re going to accomplish, and then someone will walk in who has inherited a collection of gorgeous estate pieces that they want to sell, or a couple wants to come in and find the perfect engagement ring…and of course we drop everything to take care of those clients. Every day is a sort of treasure hunt, whether we’re buying or selling. And no two days are ever the same.

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We love when the jewelry comes to us. It’s always satisfying to discover something at an auction, or to purchase new pieces from another dealer. But the majority of our business comes from buying from the public, and those appointments are, more often than not, the most fulfilling. Every client comes with his or her own set of stories and treasures.

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A 3.32 carat natural fancy red diamond. A 5.0 carat D/Flawless marquis diamond. A 10.0 carat cashmere sapphire. to name a few…

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Every time we buy a piece of jewelry it’s a “neat” experience. The fact that people trust us with their most valued possessions, some of which have been in their family for generations…we take great pride in that. And we feel fortunate that people have been trusting us for so long.

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