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Price Check on 14k Spike Cuff Bracelet!

I was reading the new October issue of Lucky magazine yesterday, when I noticed a beautiful spike cuff bracelet which Kristen Bell points out as being her jewelry must-have.  It was the above spike cuff, done in 14k yellow gold by Lizzie Scheck Jewelry. I couldn’t help but notice the price ($1400) and remember that it looks quite similar to a design by Zoë Chicco.  So I hurriedly looked up Zoë Chicco’s version, and low and behold it is $992 cheaper than the Lizzie Scheck bracelet!  Both are done in 14k yellow gold and seem to be of similar size/dimensions.  Although they are online and not in person, and although there may be a size difference, if you are looking for this style of cuff, then go with the Zoë Chicco version!

yhst-8771090737996_2070_963911 Lizzie Scheck Spike Cuff Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, Price:$1400
Zoë Chicco Spike Cuff Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, Price: $408