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Pick of the Week: Laura Tedesco L’Infinita Ring

ltd lauratedesco

Jewelry designer Laura Tedesco has an interesting story, with a beautiful ring to symbolize a trying experience within her life–and it may be able to do the same for you! Her L’Infinita ring captures the infinite love she has for her mother, who passed away when she was young. Her mother’s name was Linda, hers being Laura, with the two loop motifs connecting in the ring to form a variation of the infinity symbol. The bigger L is her mom and the smaller L is the designer herself. Not only is this ring beautiful, but it holds a bigger, more special meaning than one would first glance. The 14k version goes for $425, and is also available in 18k–white, rose and yellow are options. Check out Laura’s other designs on her website and Facebook page–she specializes in remounts and transforming old designs into masterpieces.