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Our Picks: delamina.com

Delamina is not only easy to navigate, but with every click you’ll discover some breathtaking jewels! Every designer has something unique to bring to the table. The best part, in my opinion, is Delamina’s philosophy: for any woman out there who doesn’t need a man to lavish her with jewelry–why not reward yourself! Every piece is like it has been hand-picked by your very own personal stylist. The quality and workmanship is remarkable. Check out my favorites below and see for yourself at delamina.com Spread the word!

chy Designer: Crysobel, 18k sapphire earrings, Price:$1400

bow Designer: Barry Kronen, 18k diamond & sapphire necklace, Price: $1705

brace Designer: Talisman Unlimited, multi sapphire ID bracelet, Price: $4180

pchy Designer: Ginger Peachy Designs, 14k pink sapphire disc earrings, Price: $1085

rber Designer: Heston Designs, 18k diamond & rubber bracelet, Price: $7000

bk Designer: Barry Kronen, 18k ruby & diamond lariat, Price: $15160