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Obsession: Vintage Navette Rings


Navette style rings consist of any rings that are boat-shaped. This sort of style tends to elongate the finger and has a definite feminine side. Often popularized during the Victorian Era, however you can find brand new navette rings today. This shows how timeless the look is and it is here to stay! Finding vintage navette rings is fun and a collection isn’t complete without a good one. Check out my favorites below!


From the Victorian Era, with a Belgian origin, this ring has diamonds with a single rose cut sapphire in the middle. A true definition of navette style ring. It is set in 18k rose gold and is priced at $1620. It can be found at Adin.

A more modern approach to the navette style ring is this one. It is still considered vintage since it is circa 1980. It is set in 18k gold with diamonds and sapphires. This one goes for $1420 at Ross-Simons.

This ring can be found on eBay right now, from seller: Ashland_Investments. The auction ends November 30, so there is still time! You can buy it now for $910 or make an offer! The ring features 29 diamonds set in 18k gold. Take a look on eBay by looking up the seller or typing in ‘navette’ into the search bar, and narrowing the criteria down by clicking on vintage jewelry as the category.