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Obsession: Vintage Jewelry Ads


I would love to have the originals of these ads, how great they would look framed? I like the above ad because it shows the wide range of different, popular styles of rings during the Art Deco Era. Many of these are seen today in antique jewelry stores.  Each has a similar look, with the white gold or platinum, with diamonds and filigree work.  The shape of the design and the addition of other gemstones is what changes them up.


This ad above seems to be from the 1890s (shown written) and has no color whatsoever! That would be really hard to order from! I can hardly make out the prices on the pieces of jewelry. I just love the pocket watches–my grandpa is an avid collector, and now I can see why. I can pick out a few popular styles of the time period–the navette style rings, the diamond and pearl bypass ring, I love the fox motif jewelry–even that brooch with a monkey on top of a crescent moon!

The last ad also gives some good examples of popular period pieces. Some signet rings, serpent ring, navette style, diamond and pearl bypass rings…so neat!