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Obsession: Leather Bracelets

After coming across these bracelets in hopes of finding something “unordinary” in the stackable bracelet trend, I’ve realized these leather goodies are on a whole new level. I especially love how the designers have paired the earthy material of leather with something bold, like a pearl or something sparkly, like diamonds. These would go great with any other bracelets, whether you own gold bangles or a tennis bracelet. The leather on these bracelets has proved that leather can be considered “fine jewelry” and look high-end. I love them!


These leather bracelets have a diamond encrusted button which encloses each one. You have your choice of black or brown leather, and you also can choose yellow, rose or white gold. Each are $500 and can be found at JL Rocks! Easily purchased online!

This stack of seven bracelets is actually one bracelet! From the Misani Collection which originates in Milan, Italy. The company specializes in combining leather, gold and diamonds. It can be purchased at Pageo Jewelers–North America’s exclusive representative of this company.

Bold and beautiful! Leather combined with black or white South Sea Pearls creates these great bracelets from Cathy B. Jewelry. I am excited for their website to be revamped soon, allowing customers to order directly and have access to prices and better descriptions. Keep an eye out for that, as well as sneak a peek at their flip flops. They are extremely cool.