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Obsession: Jado Crown Ring

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It is clear that stacking rings continue to be highly popular and entertainingly collectible. However, creating a balanced and appealing stack can be tough! That’s where my newest obsession comes into the picture–the Jado Crown ring!  The concept is a stack of four rings, designed to be worn in irresistible combinations, each provoking a totally different look for the differentiating woman!  Change the way you wear your Jado Crown ring with each day, just by adjusting the order in which you wear them!  Flip them over to create even more looks…add colored gemstones, or a variety of gold hues..the possibilities are endless!  If you want a ring that lets you be creative and allows you to feel like you are wearing a new one everyday, this is a great conceptual piece.  I think I would opt for the all-diamond look in yellow gold.  This would also make a great anniversary gift, where you could base the gemstones around birthstones of significant dates or births.  Love!!

The gorgeous Nadia Kazakova is their brand ambassador, and she does a beautiful job in their print ads and newly released video (a must-watch!) with her global style and perfect blonde hair.  Recently, Jado Crown was featured at Couture Fashion Week and worn on the runway bridal looks of designer Andres Aquino.  Although eyes were on the gowns, the Jado Crown rings on each model drew all the attention.  Both designers behind the brand, Ashot Logian and Arthur Sargsyan are extremely proud of this design and excited to share it with the world.  The two artists and their passion for inspired jewelry design, paired with Arthur’s strong affinity for music and art, is embodied in the rhythmic flow of the design, while mathematical genius adds symmetry in the interplay of curves and lines. 

What’s next for this tastemaking company?!  A Facebook contest which involves a Jado Crown ring being up for grabs!!  Facebook fans of Jado Crown can win by posting their love stories (engagement, wedding, first date/meeting) and the “likers” will decide the top 10.  From the Top 10, a winner will be chosen! It’s fun, easy and a great way to own your own Jado Crown!

Jado Crown’s promotional video below, make sure to watch!!