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Obsession: Egyptian Inspired Jewelry


The mystery and allure of Ancient Egypt has inspired many and will never stop enchanting curious historians.  It is interesting to see how this ancient civilization has influenced fashion and jewelry throughout hundreds of years ago, and even into today.  The discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb is fascinating…if you haven’t read about it since high school history, you should revisit some informational websites.  I have personally discovered a newfound appreciation for history, and I think it has to do with not having to read a textbook.


A diamond and emerald cuff bracelet here which depicts Egyptian scenes all the way around, with a large bird in the center. This bracelet is from the 1980s and done in 18k yellow gold. You can find it featured at 1stdibs provided by Neil Marrs, and priced at $15000.


There are many versions of the Egyptian cartouche pendant–I like the open version best, done in 18k yellow gold. Any piece of jewelry that you can personalize is fun, and doing a word in hieroglyphics is even better. Even if the word is spelled totally wrong, no one would notice! Usually the prices are based on the number of letters you want, the one above is from Nilestone. Their prices are 1-4 characters: $135, 5-7 characters: $150, and 8-9 characters: $160.


The Art Deco Era was wild about Egyptian revival–wouldn’t anyone be with this ring? Circa 1935, it is fine craftsmanship from Rene Boivin. The ring features emeralds and diamonds, done in 18k yellow gold. It is featured at 1stdibs from Primavera Gallery. Price: $22000