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Obsession — Bold Collar Necklace

Dsc 0557

Lately I’ve been leaving my dainty chains in my jewelry box and opting for bold collar necklaces instead…and this trend doesn’t start or stop with me. I’ve been seeing bold necklaces on runways, street style photos and red carpets to name a few. A big necklace requires some strategic necklines, as the right outfit really can make or break the overall look.

I was inspired when I came across Aldighieri Gioielli and this unique, one-of-a-kind collar necklace that was hand forged using gold and multi-colored sapphires from Sri Lanka. How incredible is this necklace?! I love the collar design and the cascading scribble, along with the rainbow of gems each more beautiful than the one before it. Can you imagine the statement you would make if you wore this piece?!

If you want to try this style out for yourself, you may want to invest in a gold collar, but don’t let the price tag get you down. It may be drastically on the higher end than say a dainty gold chain, but that is the whole point of this trend. These pieces will be investment staples which you can change up and wear forever. I know my gold collar is easily one of my most favorite pieces–I’ve worn it with a plethora of figa charms for a fun “collaged” look, or a more sleek and statement-making look with one single bold pendant hanging from the collar. I can also change up the charms however my mood feels. I’ve had several readers email me with their gold collar inspired Gem Gossip looks and every reader has said they were so happy with buying a collar for their charms.

Are you feeling this trend?!  Take a look at some of my picks to shop this look and take your jewelry game to a new level: