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Obsession: Ancient Coins set in Gold #LoveGold

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Since seeing the collection at Couture this year in Las Vegas, I’ve been continually obsessed with coin jewelry.  The history behind each coin that 1884 Collection uses within their jewelry designs is intriguing and combines two aspects of jewelry into one.  Synthesizing antique with modern is a largely difficult task to pull off in the jewelry world, and these ancient coins set in modern, shiny settings is done impeccably well.  The exclusivity aspect is pretty high for 1884 Collection, since every piece is one-of-a-kind, using ancient coins each having their own story.  From when and where it dates back, to how it survived along its journey, to its current location on your finger or hanging around your neck!  


Talking with founder and designer Alberto Petochi only solidifies more as to why this collection is so coveted.  He explains how each Roman coin is over 2,000 years old and was used for currency in Italy, with 18k yellow gold being an important metal used as the basis for many of his designs.  And each design is as timeless as the coin that is at the center of it all.  A jewelry line that infuses history, Italian heritage and beauty all in one, I just can’t get enough of 1884 Collection!


Jewelry Descriptions:



MADDALENA COLLECTION – The Maddalena Archipelago, known for its pristine waters and natural beauty, offers a mesmerizing backdrop for this new collection. Shown are the necklace and earrings in 18k yellow gold.


BURANO COLLECTION – Named as one of the most colorful cities of the world, the Burano collection takes direct inspiration from the multi-colored houses that populate this small fishing village. Shown are the ancient coin rings with a halo of diamonds set in 18k rose gold and/or yellow gold.


RAVELLO COLLECTION – A shelter against the barbarian invasions, the scenic hill town of Ravello, situated on the Amalfi Coast, marked the end of the Western Roman Empire. A place of battle and a test of strength, the Ravello collection exudes this direct sense of power and edge. Taking the finest materials of 18K gold and diamonds and juxtaposing them with spiked designs, the collection itself dares you to stand out. Shown are the cufflinks and necklace, with the spiked details.



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