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New Year, New You — 30 Daily Tips to Transform Your Jewelry Box



Happy New Year! Instead of setting that same goal you do every year, let’s strive for something a little different — like having the best jewelry box ever. Sure, it seems like a daunting goal and hard to achieve, but if you follow these 30 daily tips, you’ll be on your way to having that dream jewel box in one month!

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1 — Purge jewelry you don’t wear anymore

2 — Learn the best places to search for pieces that are your style

3 — Familiarize yourself with auctions and get comfortable with bidding online

4 — Clean your jewelry, especially the pieces you wear everyday

5 — Take inventory of what you have

6 — Create the best possible storage solution for your jewelry

7 — Clean your actual jewelry box

8 — Use tiles to display charms and necklaces (everything should be easily seen)

9 — Sell your unwanted pieces — at auction, other dealers, websites like TRR & EBTH

10 — Trade unwanted or unworn pieces with other people in the jewelry community

11 — Find a trusting jeweler

12 — Make piles of pieces that need repairs or possibly a redesign

13 — Have a jeweler or designer create a piece using loose gemstones you have floating around your jewelry box

14 — Get your jewelry appraised

15 — Load up on classic essentials

16 — Try adding some dainty jewelry to your wardrobe

17 — Try adding some bold gold to your wardrobe

18 — Try adding  personalized jewelry to your wardrobe

19 — Gather your charms and make them into a charm bracelet or charm necklace

20 — Try adding a new piece from a designer you’ve been admiring

21 — Pick your color scheme; know what gemstones you like and don’t like

22 — Narrow your collecting to a few motifs

23 — Conquer your earring goals; get a new piercing if necessary

24 — Measure all your ring sizes & write them down

25 — Buy ring guards & sizers for rings so you’re able to wear them on multiple fingers

26 — Buy necklaces & chains in these key lengths: choker, 16″, 18″, 24″, 30″

27 — Have extra earring backs in your jewelry box

28 — Get your watch fully serviced

29 — Restring any pearls that are worn out

30 — Set your jewelry goals for the future