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seashell key charm

New Key Charms Launch on shopGemGossip.com

Celestial Key charm

I’ve collected key charms for several years now and got the idea to collaborate with some of my favorite designers using motifs that they are known for, to create different key designs. I’m so excited to bring these special designs to life and launching them all this year!  Our very first one launched last year and was a beautiful moonstone key done with Kimberly Doyle Jewelry. It sold out completely.

The next key design was inspired by a necklace that I lost out on while bidding at auction – it featured 5 really unique keys on a thick gold chain. I’ve redesigned one of the keys (maybe the others will come in the future?!) and I just love how it turned out!

The celestial key is a limited edition key charm, recreated from a one-of-a-kind vintage piece. I redesigned it, adding my own specs and a few tweaks! I’ve modeled the bottom portion of the key to look just like the one my dad gave my mom when they first started dating.

There are 3 options:

Cabochon emerald gemstone (only 15 available)

Cabochon aquamarine gemstone (only 5 available)

Cabochon sapphire gemstone (only 5 available)

It can be purchased here!


SisterSister Jewelry x Gem Gossip key charm

The seashell key was created by myself and Sister Sister Jewelry.

Lisa is the founder of Sister Sister Jewelry which she started in honor of her sister who passed away too soon. Lisa creates pieces of fine jewelry that celebrate the women in her life and she names each piece after each woman. You must checkout her other pieces and the stories behind them! I could read them for hours!

The Inspiration for this particular key:


The Key

Keys have been a recurring symbol in my life. My paternal grandmother, originally from Milan, was never seen without her jewelry. Whenever my grandparents visited Italy, they would return with a piece of gold jewelry for each grandchild, nurturing my passion for jewelry. One year, they brought back a gold key charm, which I still treasure today. This piece held a special place in my heart, and the key motif remained significant throughout my life.

When my parents first started dating, my dad gave my mom a key necklace, which I now hold dear.


The Shell

Seashells always bring me back to beach vacations and moments of pure happiness. Although I don’t take vacations often, I always choose destinations with sunshine and seashells. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of early mornings at the beach, watching the sunrise, and collecting shells with my sisters. It felt fitting that my first son Gino was born on the weekend marking the start of summer.

It can be purchased here!