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Need to Fix Some Broken Jewelry? I Recommend Quick Jewelry Repairs

Quick Jewelry Repairs | Gem Gossip Quick Jewelry Repairs | Gem Gossip

For most people, the Internet and Instagram have opened up a whole new world with buying and selling vintage and antique jewelry. You don’t have to blame where you live as to why you can’t find some amazing pieces of jewelry because with Instagram, it is as simple as following some great sellers and dealers, and you can now buy things directly with a click of the mouse or iPhone. If you live in a remote area or a city or town that doesn’t have access to a jewelry store with a good repair shop, I hear you! I’m constantly getting asked this question, so I made it my mission recently to scope out a solution for you! I found something VERY promising and completely convenient–I’ve tested it out myself from start to finish and have lots to share!

The company is called Quick Jewelry Repairs and they make repairing jewelry their priority, while making it 100% easy and trackable on your end! For me, there’s always something that needs to be repaired, so using their services, even though I have a local jeweler I work one-on-one with, will be something I’ll be doing monthly because it is fast and convenient. I had a stick pin I purchased from a local antique shop a few years ago that had been sitting on my desk since then–it always got put on the back burner of my repair jobs I needed to get done.

I decided to send it in to Quick Jewelry Repairs and all I had to do was fill out a quick description of what I wanted done, I was then sent a FedEx shipping label which I printed out and mailed my piece off. I was able to track the progress of my repair online and as soon as it was finished, it was mailed back to me. Everything from start to finish was so fast and most importantly, the repair was done right!

Below you’ll find a quick interview I did with the founder of Quick Jewelry Repairs, Jason Yakubovich. You can also watch the video which takes you through the steps on how everything works! Before you know it, you’ll be sending off all your repairs that have been clogging up your creativity and collections…and start wearing pieces that were once useless or broken!

Quick Jewelry Repairs | Gem Gossip


My family has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years, and repairs have been a big part of our business model for the last 20 years. In this day of digital transformation, we found a huge opportunity to help people get their jewelry repaired and serviced from anywhere and via any electronic device.


We have four pillars that sets us apart.

1. Convenience: With our services, there’s no need to travel to a local jeweler. Consumers can get started on fixing their jewelry from anywhere and on any device.

2. Pricing – We are completely upfront and transparent about how much it will cost to repair your pieces.

3. Speed – We are called quick for a reason and are very clear on the turnaround time from the second you work with us.

4. Professionalism- We work with incredible craftsman (and women) who know everything about jewelry to provide our customers with the best ways to fix, replicate or enhance their pieces.

Our customers can explain it as well, here’s a message we received yesterday: “I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the resizing and re tipping of my engagement ring. The work you did is impeccable—it looks better than it did before, and all my concerns about the prongs were addressed. The packaging was lovely, and I very much appreciated your fast turnaround time, rapid shipping, and excellent service.I will definitely return next time I need jewelry repair!”


I’m really proud of our strong customer service and craftsmanship. Our team is dedicated to restoring and repairing your piece using our high standards and the utmost care.


Any jewelry or watch repair is our specialty, but honestly we receive all kinds of things unique, strange and beautiful things. With our creative team, anything is possible!


Being that our company is a jewelry manufacturer we have the resources to handle almost anything. However, we do not work with Titanium and certain alternative metals.

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Quick Jewelry Repairs.

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