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My World in Pictures: Instagram

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Instagram has been a fun way to document daily happenings. Not only is it useful to look back on and remember things, but it is also neat to see other people’s photos, especially those in the jewelry industry. I know not everyone has an Instagram account, so I’ve decided to post some of my favorite photos on here every once in awhile:

Sunday morning cleaning led to this vignette of jewels laid out on the bathroom counter

me at work doing what I do best, behind a microscope

my watch and pearl studs from the night we saw the movie Lincoln

morning flower bloom

Ramaura “cultured” rubies. Learning how to detect synthetic rubies

Filigree Friday instead of Follow Friday

tore up a hardcover book about the Queen in order to frame this in my office #worthit

my new iPhone case–looks like a large piece of jewelry, fitting for me!

me working on Christmas Eve, decked out in RED

a new combination, my Nora Kogan serpent ring in red enamel flanked on each side by ruby bands

first time getting my nails done in my entire life, wearing bow rings

work Christmas party at Walton’s Antique Jewelry