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My Tips for Stacking Bracelets


Over at Frost Yourself, I gave some tips for stacking bracelets–wanted to share here as well!  Check out my post over at Frost Yourself and be sure to follow the jewelry blog for fun reads!

“Stackable jewelry continues to be a big hit and will stay that way into 2011. Bracelets are fun to stack, but it is often intimidating to do if you’re not sure where to begin. Here are my tips on stacking bracelets. Follow these and you’re sure to get the right look:

1. It’s all about trial and error. Try a combination out, see how it looks, and choose to add or subtract depending how you feel.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix high-end with low-end.  Like an 18k gold Cartier bangle with a red heart silly band….? Yes, it works!

3. Mix in charity bracelets that have a meaning. Or wish bracelets/friendship bracelets.

4. If you are going to wear a bunch of bracelets with color, make sure the color combination has contrast. For example, yellow gold looks good against red and black. I like wearing lilac, grey and bright teal. Brazilian wish bracelets have lots of color to choose from.

5. Make sure once you have all your bracelets on, they are comfortable and non-distracting. If you have a job which involves typing, and your bracelets are preventing you to type efficiently, it’s not going to work!”