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My Charmed Life by Beth Bernstein


I love jewelry books--always get excited when one debuts–this one especially.  A book dedicated to how jewelry has influenced one person’s life, in this case author Beth Bernstein, and its called My Charmed Life: Rocky Romances, Precious Family Connections and Searching for a Band of Gold.  Taken from her website,

“After twenty years of engaging in two careers: writing for magazines/newspapers and designing/consulting for fine jewelry, it occurred to me that everything from the love beads my mother wore in the seventies to a diamond brooch passed down by my great grandmother and  a faux tiara crafted for me by my niece have connected my past and my present. All of the precious keepsakes in my jewelry box reveal part of my history: not just material possessions but sparkling memories that link together the family, friends and romances that inspired me to write my first book and continue to be the real gems of my life. I hope that my “My Charmed Life” will appeal to all women who have fallen in love, felt loss,  learned to start over again and have been transformed by the enchanting power of jewelry.”