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Mother’s Jewelry; The good, the bad, the ugly

When I used to work at a jewelry store, we got so many shoppers looking for mother’s jewelry–something that commemorates children, like birthstones or children charms. We had a few choices to give our customers, all of which I think were very ugly and not elegant at all. Being a mother should be something someone should be very proud of, and by wearing a large golden boy charm is not my idea of celebrating that! Or a golden pacifier?! We also had mother’s rings, which were very popular. Most were heart shaped, and made out of birthstones.

I have some better suggestions than the “usual” for any mother out there that wants to commemorate their children in the form of jewelry. You don’t have to go with what everyone else does–start your own tradition or trend.


One idea is from jewelry designer John Christian. The Continuous Life Wheel Pendant features your children’s names on one side, and then their birthstones on the other. They go around in a circle, which is even more symbolic. I just think wearing a necklace like this is way more elegant and trendy than wearing boy or girl charms. You can even choose between 14k or 18k gold, even platinum. Prices range from $690-$2600.


Another idea is to simply buy an eternity band in your child’s birthstone, and engrave their name and maybe even birthdate on the inside. It wouldn’t matter what finger, you can decide which is most comfortable. You can continue to stack the rings as your family grows. This one is from QVC and priced at $161. It is blue zircon, which could be for a December baby.

I’ve also come across something even more personalized. Those cute, little drawings your little one first makes are always memorable. Why not treasure them forever in gold? This company takes your child’s drawings and turns them into jewelry! Such a neat idea and the many examples show how exact the picture is to the jewelry. Check it out! The prices are unknown since you have to send in the drawing to get a quote.