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More is More: Stacking Bracelets

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Stacking bracelets is still highly popular, with the main idea of trying to find and sport the cutest and most unique bracelets out there.  I love how many designers are now designing fine bracelets that are made with real gold findings and coveted gemstones, using silk, hand-dyed floss, and cotton.  Here are my favorite designers that have the best stackable, unique bracelets:

Mizuki, Scosha, Brooke Gregson, Jennifer Fisher, Finn Jewelry, and THEODOROS

{above photos from top to bottom: jak&jil, bracelets by THEODOROS using all real gemstones and gold, Hilary Duff, silk bracelet by Brooke Gregson, my wrist wearing a black braided suede bracelet, Mizuki bracelet and Art Deco diamond watch, Scosha and their Club Monaco collab launch, google images, jak&jil, Scosha spring special bracelet}