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Maejean Vintage Launches Handcrafted Antique-Inspired Bands

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Seen here: the Rebecca band in yellow and white gold

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Seen here: two Cora bands perfectly frame my vintage alternative engagement ring (which is actually from Maejean Vintage)

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Seen here: two Luella bands break up the gemstoned look

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Every band by Maejean Vintage is layer-ready and stacks well with others

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Seen here: the Jane Jacket is even fun to wear without a ring inside it

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Seen here: two Rebecca bands pair well with this alternative engagement ring

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

Seen here: two Jane bands looking fabulous with my antique bypass engagement ring, which is very hard to pair things with

Maejean Vintage | Gem Gossip

One of my biggest requests that I receive in my inbox or private messages on Instagram is the onslaught of women asking for advice on how to perfectly pair their newly acquired antique or vintage engagement ring with a wedding band. Even for an expert like me who is in the field on a daily basis, constantly seeing antique engagement rings of unique style and flair, the answer to the great hunt has always been the same: it’s tough to match!

I was really excited to hear when fellow vintage lovers Maejean Vintage announced that they were launching their own line of handcrafted bands, all of which are antique-inspired. I knew they would understand the struggle of finding an ideal wedding band because they too are constantly on the hunt and have been receiving feedback from their loyal customers for over eight years. Both Amanda and Laura, sisters and owners of Maejean, know what sells, what is popular as a motif, and what people are looking for when buying a band. There is always a band that is “not plain enough” or “not enough filigree” and Maejean’s ultimate goal with the first batch of original designs was to create six bands that fulfill their top requests. Every band is handmade using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones, all locally in Pennsylvania where the business is based. What is even more fun is that each band is named after a strong and inspiring woman from the sisters’ lives, all which happen to be ancestors of the duo.

Request: Need a band that has subtle detail that doesn’t take away from the main engagement ring

Solution: the Rebecca band

Request: I want to add color to my wedding stack, but I don’t know how.

Solution: the Lucinda band

Request: I’m looking for something classic and stackable, but not completely plain.

Solution: the Luella band

Request: My engagement ring doesn’t pair well with a flat band.

Solution: the Cora band

Request: I’m loving the nature-themed bands I’m seeing, but don’t want one too over-the-top.

Solution: the Jane band

Request: I have a simple solitaire that I want to instantly transform without resetting it.

Solution: the Jane Jacket

You can shop all six bands by clicking here!

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