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Lorinczi Jewelry: Rocks of Love



I came across Lorinczi Jewelry after Lynn from Paris Hotel Boutique mentioned it to me.  We both were enamored by the entire collection, really the ENTIRE collection.  I love how most pieces are given the option of being available in your choice of metal–vermeil, silver or solid gold.  And if you’ve been following Gem Gossip for awhile, you know it’s only solid gold here.  Here are my favorite pieces from the Briar Rose collection, which puts a whole new spin on thorns and roses.  This jewelry ties in well with Keira Knightley’s role in the movie Atonement–if you haven’t watched, do!


This is the five-thorn necklace and the single thorn drop earrings. Aren’t the thorns amazing? So elegant, yet so edgy. The earrings are neat because they are available in emerald like shown or ruby or coral. I think coral would look nice.  Single thorn necklace $320, three-thorns $600, five-thorns $870.  Thorn earrings: with emerald $450, with ruby $415, with coral $400.


Both versions of the thorn rings are equally gorgeous, so I had to include both. The ring on the left is considered the “cocktail” ring $1835, and the ring on the right is the “thorn branch” ring $2335. Available in rubies (shown) garnets, diamonds or no stones at all.  


The tassel on the bracelet really just takes the cake. Such a great design–available in vermeil, silver or solid gold. I really want this bracelet.


The briar rose choker features silk which ties together golden rose branches. How pretty would this look on? I can’t imagine! It looks like it is designed to flatter the neckline in so many ways.  Prices: $1800 two branches & one bow, or $2630 three branches, & two bows.

{*I have had writers’ block for several days, as you could probably tell, on account of coming up with an intelligent title for this post.  I know it seems unimportant, but for some odd reason this has totally tripped me up.  I think it’s because I knew this was going to encompass roses and thorns, and I, along with everyone else, have one thing that comes to mind that involves roses and thorns.}