Endless talk of all things sparkly.

June Gloom

tumblr_lld4wuOZFy1qgkoejo1_500 vanessa LFrank tumblr_lh0xs3rHhc1qat50eo1_1280 tumblr_lfsjusCML21qzjggvo1_500 Thera__26154_zoom tumblr_l0s7kkdMTV1qzxg0so1_400

{from top to bottom:

busted out the acrylic paints again this month–this is my inspiration

turn any tank top into something amazing by adding two chains draping at the shoulder

really into architectural rings lately, especially this one from L Frank

love this image, makes me wonder how many ancient treasures are out there yet to be found

two bangles, two rings, and a Jesus piece = essentials

really liking newly launched LYON JEWELRY, especially the Thera ring

big bold cuffs are all you need for a summer event or wedding}