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Jewelry Trendsetter: A Necklace of Rings


Ever find a ring that was breath-taking, gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, had-to-have-it, and then when you politely ask to take a look at it, it either engulfs your tiny finger or won’t budge your pudge? Well here’s a solution! Rather than being disappointed and walking away–go for it! Take out that Visa and buy it! You could build up a nice collection of rings that don’t fit and then make a great statement necklace like the one above featuring rings. It will be beautiful–check out the ones I’ve picked for my “necklace of rings.”


First and foremost, you need a long 14k gold chain. I think the chain-style has everything to do with making or breaking this look. So, opt for a bead chain like this one in a long length. The 24 inch goes for $150 at Heavenly Treasures.


The Ocean Band designed by Manon von Gerkan is a good one to start off with. It has rose cut diamonds which give it a chunky, vintage feel with just enough sparkle. This ring is done in 14k yellow gold. Check out Manon Von Gerkan’s jewel box gallery.


Next, add a dark and oversized ring–a signet or intaglio perhaps. This large circular ring from Rowan & Rowan is good because of the black enameling. It features an urn done in diamonds (it is a Georgian mourning ring). Circa 1780, so this piece is extremely unique and a bit pricey: £2200.


To balance out all the chunkiness–add a few plain bands. Either wide or narrow, it is up to you I have chosen one wide and one narrow. This wide version has some detailing to it, as well as one star set diamonds. Priced at $850 from Doyle & Doyle.


Wanted to add a thin band that was black, so I found this black diamond band from Ice.com It is great because it is affordable and for some reason, they never have normal sizes in stock. At only $225 you get 14k white gold and teeny tiny black diamonds. Perfect for this necklace of rings.


Lastly, add a ring that is totally unexpected. Something that has a bold color or bold choice of gemstones. Here I chose a ruby dome ring. This ring is designed by Manon von Gerkan in 14k yellow gold.