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Jewelry on a Budget: Kristin Coffin under $320

Today’s “Jewelry on a Budget” segment comes from designer Kristin Coffin.  Texture is a fun aspect of jewelry to play around with, especially when working with gold.  Kristin creates some of her gold pieces with a twig texture.  So how is this done?  It seems as though someone plucked a twig out of a forest, dipped it in gold, and then created jewelry out of it.  This concept is actually true!  Kristin takes twigs and casts them in solid, 100% recycled gold. Not only is her jewelry eco-conscious but the packaging, even the gemstones are conflict free/fair trade.  One dollar from every sale is donated to Greenpeace.  Check out my favorites below.


These earrings can be customized in 14k yellow or white gold. They are a great pair of twig stud earrings that fit nicely on your ear. The style of the “unity twig” can symbolize something special in your life. These are only $240.


The twig necklace is a great match, ever so delicate and such a keepsake. It can be customized in 14k yellow or white gold as well, for $310.


Finally, the twig stack ring! Such a perfect addition if you have a nice collection going of stack rings. You need a twig one to add to your collection! Each one is unique, since they are cast from actual twigs. They are $250 each, made to order in 14k yellow or white gold. You can also specify which texture you prefer.

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* If you are a designer and have pieces within your line that are $500 and under and wish to be featured in a “Jewelry on a Budget” segment, you can contact me by filling out the form on the Contact page.  Please no silver jewelry.