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Jewelry LookBook: Double Medallion Pendants


Given: Ashley Olsen has the best jewelry ever. But anyone can have nice jewelry–it’s how you wear it that sets you a part from the rest. I like how she wears two medallion pendants at the same time, only difference: the chain length. This look is easy to pull off if you have two different chains; one long, the other about 24 or 30 inches. Of course two medallion pendants are needed: go for an Art Nouveau one and another that has gemstone detail. Matching yellow gold is the right idea as well!


This medallion pendant is from Doyle & Doyle’s Heirloom collection, which is designed by the Doyle sisters. So these pieces are modern jewelry, with an antique style. These come in several different choices for gemstone choice–I like the jadeite which is shown above. 18k yellow gold, price: $350


Doyle & Doyle also has this great Art Nouveau medallion pendant. Art Nouveau often features silhouettes of women, all done in yellow gold (often found on lockets). This one is done in 10k yellow gold and features diamonds. Price: $1200