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Jewelry Lookbook: American Dream


Been realizing more and more what it means when people say “The American Dream.” The beauty of the concept is how varied each person’s definition can be. Gold bangles and a peace sign necklace are true American classics to me, just as an apple pie or a baseball game! Check out some great picks inspired by the above photo.


This mesh snake bracelet from Beladora is very trendy–gives the serpent ring trend a run for its money! It is a contemporary piece that is done in 22k yellow gold with a 14k yellow gold clasp. Both snakes have ruby eyes and golden fangs. Price: $1850


The peace sign is symbolic on so many levels, and by wearing one you can be reminded daily of how important it is. I think a peace sign pendant is a great piece of jewelry to own. This one’s from Zoe Chicco and done in 14k yellow gold with a hammered textured. Price: $378


This cuff is done in 22k yellow gold, designed by Jean Mahie. The green stones are jade and are scattered throughout the textured gold. This piece can be purchased from Beladora, it is vintage 1980s. Price available upon request.


This bangle is a classic with a twist. The design is geometrical, circa 1970 done in 18k yellow gold. From Beladora and priced at $1850