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Jewelry Giveaway — Santo by Zani

Santo by Zani | Gem Gossip
Santo by Zani | Gem Gossip

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We’ve been hosting one giveaway every month since January in celebration of turning 10 years old in July! The prizes are almost always jewelry (although last month we gave away a diamond painting by Angie Crabtree) and this month’s giveaway item is something really fun!

We are giving away a pair of 18k yellow gold red ceramic stud earrings from jewelry designer Santo by Zani. This is also a great opportunity to learn about this newly launched line of fine jewelry, one that is all about movement! Each piece opens to reveal an unexpected surprise inside, a secret, transforming from one shape into another; thereby creating a childlike wonder and awe for both the beholder and the owner. Her signature spheres are inspired by Masonic orb pendants, which typically fold open to reveal a cross with cryptic symbols etched into the piece. Contrastingly, the pieces from Santo by Zani are colorful, fun and feature other shapes besides an orb.

The pair of stud earrings we are giving away can be worn opened or closed! This feature ties in with the “unexpected surprises” which Santo by Zani likes to incorporate into her work. I also love this quote from her, “In a time when watches, mobile phones and other gadgets are used to record every aspect of our lives, there is something entrancingly romantic and magical about wearing a piece of jewelry that can hold secrets, love or inspirational messages, special moments, and symbols close to the heart.”

To enter the giveaway, click here and follow the simple rules!

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