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Jessica McCormack: XIV Sins & Virtues


Jessica McCormack has unveiled her Fall 2010 collection, ingeniously inspired by the seven deadly sins along with their opposite virtues.  Fourteen incredible pieces of jewelry represent each sin or virtue.  They are as follows:  

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Envy    marquise diamond ring, designed to resemble an envious eye


Anger    a necklace designed with a pear shaped diamond arrow


Gluttony   a bushel of faceted amethysts hanging as a necklace


Lust    flame motif, long diamond earrings


Sloth    bubbles of diamonds with detachable feather earrings


Greed    diamond wishbone pendant necklace


Pride    an elongated diamond ring with a gorgeous yellow diamond in the center


Generosity    earrings designed to resemble a syringe, symbolizing donating blood


Diligence    a handmade, intertwined chain set with gold bees


Abstinence   large shackle bracelets 


Patience   dangle earrings with motif symbols of crossbones, heart, and aster flower


Humility    18k gold diamond bow ring


Chastity     heart pendant locket, meant to hold a special picture or momento


Kindness   diamond ring depicting a Japanese hydrangea with royal blue enameling


Jessica is based in London, and we at Gem Gossip are wishing on every star possible for her designs to hit stateside.  Check out all her designs by going to her website.

5.Humility4.Paitence 1.Envy4.Lust