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Irene Neuwirth: Gemstone Jeweled Look Book

IreneNeuwirth_shot7_0541A_RGB IreneNeuwirth_shot11_0977A_RGB IreneNeuwirth_shot2_0226A_RGB IreneNeuwirth_Shot1_0146A_RGB IreneNeuwirth_shot8_0726A_RGB IreneNeuwirth_shot15_1211A_RGB

Not only have I been completely obsessed with the new one-of-a-kind pieces Irene Neuwirth has been masterfully creating, but THAT LOOK BOOK THOUGH. I mean, how perfect is the model and how on-point are the bold colored tops?! It creates the most effortlessly chic looks, which go amazingly well with the bold, colorful jewelry.  The opals, onyx, fire opals, turquoise, lapis, etc…the saturation of the colors blends so well, almost like a painting, with Irene being the artist.  It is almost hard to believe that these precious candy-like objects came from underground!  Be sure to check out her website for more information and follow on Instagram!