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Intarsia Collection — Parlé Gems x Gem Gossip Collaboration

Intarsia Jewelry

Intarsia Jewelry

Intarsia Jewelry

Intarsia Jewelry

It’s no secret that I have an obsession with Intarsia — gemstones that are small pieces of artwork, created by artisans from cutting and fitting stones together like a puzzle, creating beautiful patterns and shapes. I’m drawn to them for so many reasons, but I think it is mostly because they often utilize my favorite gemstones: opal, malachite, sugilite, turquoise, onyx, etc. Intarsia was really popular during the 1980s and has since experienced a decline in interest. I first discovered Intarsia through the trinket boxes many stone cutters have been creating and was incredibly intrigued. I would fall into a deep rabbit hole every time I would search Intarsia jewelry online and find new designers that worked solely in the art of inlay.

I was so surprised to learn that Parlé Gems had an affinity for the inlay pieces as well, so much so that they emptied out their vault to show me Intarsia that they’ve had since the 1980s.  These pieces were waiting for me! I was so excited to collaborate with Parlé Gems and turn these loose stones into pieces of jewelry that can be worn and treasured for years to come. I know whenever I posted about Intarsia, I had such a major outpour of shared affection for these stones so debuting this collection had lots of built up excitement.

We launched the Parlé x Gem Gossip collaboration on my birthday — September 8th! It started with 16 pieces and we expanded with loose stones to offer as well. Since the launch, we’ve sold half of the pieces and over 50 loose stones.  If you’re interested and learning about the current pieces we have available, check out the listings over on shopGemGossip. We are also currently redesigning a couple pieces and will release those soon!

Thanks Parlé for this wonderful opportunity and you can shop all the pieces here!

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