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How to Support Local Jewelers During the Coronavirus Crisis


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Hope everyone is staying safe inside and keeping healthy during this crazy time. I’m not one who watches the news, so the first time I heard of coronavirus was when I traveled to Tucson for the gem shows earlier this year. I don’t think anyone could have predicted its widespread impact and just how abruptly it would reshape our everyday lives.

We’ve been staying home as much as possible since mid-March, only leaving to get groceries, go for walks and our new favorite activity — drive around and explore streets we’ve never been down before (all while staying in the car the entire time). Exciting times. If anything, I’m looking to the positives of all this, like how many neighbors we’ve enjoyed seeing on our walks from afar, how much time I’m getting to spend with Gino and the general slowing down of life itself. I feel like within the past couple of years, we’ve all been so obsessed with being busy, often joking about not having enough time to do menial things. Things like calling a friend, organizing objects/photos/possessions, sitting down and reading, exercising, baking, cooking, enjoying nature etc. I think the world is getting their chance to pause for a moment — something we’ve all been aching to do, but in a scary way we didn’t necessarily want.

I’m very thankful for a lot of things — essential workers, doctors, nurses, and everyone who works in the medical field, and everyone who is helping as much as they can during this time. Every person who chooses to stay home each and every day … thank you!!

This time is also very tough for small businesses, and I know many of you are wondering how you can support your favorite local jewelers who are most likely currently closed. I’m hoping this will help answer this question for you and spark action.

In response to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on communities and local businesses across the country, leading jewelry industry organizations, including the DPA (Diamond Producers Association), have joined forces to form the Jeweler Support Network to provide assistance to independent jewelers.  As the outbreak continues to disrupt small businesses around the country, and as counties and states enforce lockdowns, the livelihood of many jewelers is at stake.

The Jeweler Support Network will work to provide support and resources to local jewelers, as well as information for consumers through key initiatives, including:

– A consumer website www.supportyourlocaljeweler.com to further provide information on the importance of local jewelers and supporting small businesses; and

– A trade website www.jewelersupportnetwork.com to give retailers a one-stop portal for free assets created by the Network to educate and support retailers in this difficult time.

– As retailers start to reopen for business, create advertising campaigns to reinforce the values of independent jewelers in their local communities

Here are THREE tips on how YOU can support your local jewelers:

1 — Leave a positive review on Yelp or Google: take a look at your jewelry box and find your favorite pieces that come from local jewelers or small businesses. If you had a great experience and you love your piece of jewelry, make it known with a positive review on Yelp or Google. Every positive review helps tremendously, as it can be a deciding factor for some people.

2 — Post a photo on your social media: broadcast your positive experience on your social media channels, whether you post a photo of your piece of jewelry or not, have the caption illustrate how a certain local jeweler is recommended by you! Make sure to tag them as well. Unsolicited praise is the best kind.

3 — Comment & “like” on their social media pages: as with any social page, the more engagement and interaction it receives, the better it will perform and showing support this way doesn’t cost anything and is greatly appreciated.