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Honeymoon in Sedona, AZ with Nouvel Heritage Earrings

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Hope everyone enjoyed my wedding day jewelry blog post!  Can’t believe how quickly the day has come and gone. I will post another wedding day blog when I receive my photos back from the wedding photographer…

Our honeymoon was such a great trip filled with lots of memories, great food, beautiful scenery and fun shopping. Just what we were looking for! Seeing the Grand Canyon has been a dream of mine since I knew what it was, so checking that off my “bucket list” was pretty cool.  I brought along some rings that had a Southwestern vibe and one pair of earrings for my honeymoon adventure–a really exquisite pair of earrings from Nouvel Heritage. It was great to pack only one pair of earrings for the trip–I wanted something that was really unique, slightly show-stopping and unusual. The pair I brought along fit each criteria and they were willing to go on many adventures throughout my honeymoon.  

Below I will share details from my trip–sort of an itinerary if you will.  I always find it fascinating to read about people’s vacations, where they went, what they did, etc. I highly recommend everything that we did, the schedule of events, and the resort we stayed at–for more pictures from my honeymoon, check out my Instagram page, which includes photos from the shops, a new Native American Zuni ring in 14k gold I found for my collection in Sedona, and more!

Where: Sedona, Arizona — we stayed at L’Auberge resort & spa (beautiful views of the red rocks, creekside restaurant, private outdoor shower, star gazing)

Day One: Wine tour booked through our hotel–visited three different wineries all featuring Arizona wines–Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery, Page Springs Cellars, and Alcantara Vineyards (my favorite). 

Day Two: spent the day in Uptown Sedona, which is a drag of tourist/souvenir shops and restaurants, fun things to do!  There are lots of crystal shops to stock up on mineral specimens for your collection, even Psychics and fortune tellers (which we didn’t do).  Visited a few jewelry stores, like My Jeweler and El Dorado Fine Jewelry and Gallery (which is where I bought my Zuni ring in gold). Best lunch spot in town: Hideaway House!

Day Three: Grand Canyon tour booked through our hotel–spent the entire day at the Grand Canyon with a private tour guide

Day Four: Sedona Olde Time Photos was one of my favorite memories from our honeymoon and was stumbled upon when killing time with our last few hours before our car came to bring us to the airport.  So much fun!

The earrings I borrowed for my honeymoon by Nouvel Heritage are NH 1920 and are done in 18k yellow gold, set with spinel, rhodolite garnet, and turquoise. I love the color combination and most of all, the uniqueness of the piece. The backs are just as beautiful as the front, with cascading dangles hanging from each side, where your lobe sits center stage. They are elegant, edgy and extremely comfortable. The Sedona red rocks and canyons were a perfect backdrop for these sparklers.  Above, you can see glimpses into the picturesque scenes from my trip, along with shots of the earrings I wore along the way.  Thank you Nouvel Heritage for letting me borrow these!

To purchase your own pair of NH 1920 Turquoise earrings, click below:

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