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Holiday Gift Guide: The Diamond Diva #LoveGold


Wondering what to spend all your Christmas cash on now that the holidays are over?! With gift-giving season gone, it is time to treat yourself! Here are eleven enchanting gifts you won’t have to feel guilty about getting–we’re talking YELLOW GOLD and a whole ‘lotta diamonds!

1 – nothing looks better with yellow gold and diamonds than some exquisite white leather, from Shopbop.com

2 – love the geometric daintiness of the Izel Pendant set with diamonds in 14k yellow gold by Lito, from Twist

3 – the inspiration for this ring is clearly Art Deco lines, set in 14k yellow gold by Carbon & Hyde, from Jaimie Geller

4 – this ring is heart-stopping in person, the prive bar ring in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, from Jemma Wynne

5 – Kataoka is my newest Japanese jewelry muse, her designs are incredibly unique, from Ylang 23

6 – I’ve pulled off my earrings and replaced them with ear cuffs, the new must-have! by Jill Hoffmeister from Roseark

7 – obsessed with this 14k yellow gold spiral ring with hearts, moons & stars, from Madyha Farooqui

8 – everyone needs a ring that is so unique, people can’t help but ask about it, like a Gem Gossip ring ONE, from Gem Gossip Jewelry

9 – these ingenius “flip” rings actually flip to reveal a different design on each side, perfect for the girl that can’t make up her mind!, from Zaiken Jewelry

10 – Golden sunburst mirrors are always on my treasure hunting/wish lists, I collect them and hang them up my stairwell

11 – the perfect cuff, a feather set with diamonds in 18k yellow gold called the Blow Bracelet by Daniela Villegas


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold