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Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #3 – Australian Opal Charms

Opal | Gem Gossip

Opal | Gem Gossip

Our third holiday jewel drop is a very limited one this year – I know how much you all love the opal charms I offer, so I knew I had to include them! There’s only 7 available this time around and I decided to do a different style bail than what I’ve done in the past — this one having a more paper-clip style to it. The style of chains that it will fit on will most likely be broader and I’m even picturing a sleek omega style chain with one of these colorful opals on it! How divine?!

These are Australian opals, bezel set in 14k yellow gold. Opals of this quality are getting harder and harder to find. Each one takes my breath away and I hope you’ll check out the video on my Instagram page that shows each in action and their unique play-of-color. Some are fiery, some are speckled, some have hints of cool colors, and all have fun patterns that will mesmerize you!

To purchase, just message me on Instagram @shopGemGossip or email me at hello (at) gemgossip.com