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Hire Me to Take Your Instagram Aesthetic from Zero to One Hundred

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With the new year, comes new projects and areas I’d like to devote more time to–work that makes me completely feel happy, work that I often get so lost into doing, I can’t remember what day or time it is. I recently asked myself what part of my job makes me the most happy, and the answer is me behind my camera, being as creative as possible. That’s what led me to open up a new realm of offerings for people in the jewelry industry. My photography skills put to the test and providing a slew of images for your use for your social media platforms. Imagine waking up everyday and not having to plan what you’re going to post?! I’ll have 30 photos awaiting in your Dropbox folder, one for each day of the month.

That’s what I did for Nashville-based jewelry line Ladybird Jewelry, who came to me a month before Christmas. She knew the holidays would be way too busy for her to have to worry about trying to take beautiful, eye-catching photos for her Instagram while she was running around trying to fulfill orders and work with her clients. I spent a weekend with her entire inventory, snapping pictures, styling vignettes and taking my creativity to a new level. Emily of Ladybird Jewelry was over-the-moon with the end product and her first holiday season as a jewelry business was made a lot easier thanks to my photos.

If you’d like to try my services and want some photos for your Instagram or other social media platforms, please reach out! There are a few different packages to choose from, depending on how many photos you’d like or how in depth you need assistance, so feel free to email me at hello@gemgossip.com with the subject as “Please Take My Instagram from Zero to One Hundred” and I’ll let you know if your brand qualifies and give you some options!


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