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Hiatus Inspiration Board

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Tomorrow will mark a full week of being MIA from work in lieu of visiting two destinations I’ve been wanting to go since forever!  I’ve been running around checking out the Miami Antique Jewelry show, flew home, and now I am in Tucson checking out the huge gem show. Both are incredible in different ways…I will post as soon as I get back home about my finds.  In the meantime, here is a little week-off hiatus inspiration:

{from top to bottom:

been spotting a lot of big, bold floral brooches pinned to coats

a vintage V-shaped ring with approx. half carat of diamonds, for sale–contact me for more info

the inspiration I want to recreate in one of my bathrooms of my new townhouse

a pair of interesting rings and tattoos

love how Gwen pulls off an elegant Edwardian tassel necklace, giving it a new look

my boyfriend and I’s wishlist items–Art Deco onyx and diamond ring for me, Cartier cufflinks for him

one thing I want to see in Tucson–a HUGE amethyst specimen like this one!}