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H.Stern teams up to create Alice in Wonderland rings

This year’s hit film Alice in Wonderland has inspired so many designers and artists, but never has there been some Alice-inspo done in diamonds and gold.  Luxury jewelry company, H. Stern has partnered with Disney to create incredible pieces of art for your finger.  A total of five sculptural rings were designed by the skilled jewelers of H. Stern, which focus on unconventional elements like for example the mushrooms in the movie.  Below are images of all five rings, each uniquely crafted with huge amounts of patience and intricate workmanship.  



Cheshire Cat, even the smile actually glows in the dark!  


Topiary Garden, it is a bird made of hundreds of golden leaves


Living Flowers, done in a special purple colored enamel, scattered with diamonds


Mushroom Forest, carefully crafted with one-of-a-kind enamels, some covered in diamonds


Jabberwocky, the wild dragon in the movie is done in blackened gold, diamonds and is a trendy two-finger ring