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Gorgeous Necklaces from Phoenix Roze

Phoenix Roze. Have you heard of them? The jewelry world’s best kept secret, with impeccably talented designer, Guy Rozenstrich, behind the name. I was taken by the delicately beautiful necklaces within the collection. See for yourself below, and check out more necklaces along with other pieces here. You will love Phoenix Roze too!


This necklace is like a gorgeous tangled mess–makes me want to purposefully tangle my extra chains to create a similar look. This one is cool because it is 14k yellow and rose gold. The stones are pink tourmaline and priced at $475


Love the one-sided placement of the stones, but it doesn’t stop there, the stones also go from dark to light tourmaline. This one’s done in 14k gold, features a simple cross and priced at $425


The “Y-necklace” style is evident, but it doesn’t define the entire design. It is very subtle, just the small gold chain hanging in the center. Done in 14k yellow gold with blue and pink colored sapphires. Price: $275


This is a cute everyday staple piece–a delicate three ruby necklace. I like how the chain attaches to the pendant that way. Done in 14k yellow gold, priced at $365. Just think only $1 a day for a year!!