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Golden Perfume Bottle Pendants by Melie Jewelry

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At first glance, I saw the name of the brand Melie Jewelry and almost thought it was my last name, Miele. The name surely caught my attention, so naturally I had to know more! What I uncovered was an artistic, young jewelry designer who has such a strong passion and love for jewelry.  I also became incredibly intrigued by her debut collection called Scent of Love which brings into play the sense of smell into jewelry design, something rarely done. 

Melike Kapıcıoğlu is the designer behind Melie Jewelry, where her beginnings as a jewelry designer landed her at the famous Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, the country which she is currently based. Only one question posed to her one momentous day, changed her life forever–that question was, “Would you like to make your own ring?” Since then, her studies have taken her to London where she attended GIA and furthered her career in training in fields such as jewelry design, jewelry-making techniques, design culture and management. Melike says, “The fact that I had the opportunity to work with many masters from various cultures and with several techniques and materials helped me a great deal in designing what I thought of and imagined as they are without limiting myself and filtering my ideas out and in transforming them into concrete objects from mere drawings.”

Melie Jewelry is a brand inspired by intense emotions of epic romances. Each piece is timeless and has a feminine touch, never too serious or over thought. Melike finds inspiration in natural gemstones which she uses in her designs, some favorites being emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. She says, “Sometimes a simple line in a book or in a poem or a simple legend from ancient times or a masterpiece reflects my emotions and suddenly those emotions evokes creativity and I just start designing a piece.” That is an amazing talent!

I am enchanted by the Melie Jewelry Scent of Love collection which features 18k yellow gold perfume bottles which hold your favorite perfume, in a charm and chain form of a necklace. Melike suggests putting your significant other’s perfume or cologne into it, so you always carry around their scent. I love that idea! You can also use your own favorite scent–like a perfume which contains musk, sandalwood, bergamot and vanilla–a favorite of the designer’s, which is used throughout the day to refresh. What inspired the perfume designs? Melike says, “My first collection was Scent of Love collection was inspired by a book named “The Dove’s Neckring” written in 1027 symbolizing a love chain which is worn on neck and never taken off. For me there are three passions of women: perfume, jewelry and love. And for me it is the perfume evokes the feelings of love. That’s is how I decided to design perfume bottle necklaces, jewelry glamorized with diamonds and precious gems, which you fill your or your lover’s perfume in them with a miniature funnel and carry love, time and memories always along with you.”

Take a look at the entire Melie Jewelry collection by following the links below! Which is your favorite?!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Melie Jewelry. 

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