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Glimpse into the Past: Retro Earrings on Lucille Ball


I love Lucy and I love her glamourous Retro earrings she always wore. With her infamous red hair always having a short style, her earrings surely stood out. With Lucy’s face plastered all over my hometown (we were both born in Jamestown, NY) I never quite noticed such a beautiful pair of earrings like the ones above. It looks as though she is wearing two different pairs on her ears. Definitely statement-making here. Next time will you go for big and bold earrings like Lucy?


These Retro earrings are typical of the time period–a fan-like, spraying motif. Done in 14k yellow gold with a half carat of diamonds total. They are from Israel Rose and priced at $750


Another pair from the 1960s are these done in 14k white gold. The diamonds cascade up and down, totaling one full carat. From Ross-Simons Estate Collection and priced at $1795


Retro all the way with this design–14k yellow gold discs with pearls and sapphires spraying outward. I could see Lucy wearing these while filming a scene with Ethel. From Beladora 2, and priced at $556.50