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If you’ve heard the news, Gem Gossip is hosting giveaways all month long in February! We’re excited to give back to all our amazing followers, readers and loyal fans!  Each Monday, a new GIVEAWAY will be posted…just follow the instructions on how to enter (each may be different) and we will be selecting a winner every Friday! There will be FOUR amazing pieces of jewelry up for grabs and I made sure each one is unique and different from one another!

You-Me-Love “YUMILUV” is a jewelry line created by Jessica Ranek. The line is the result of her Love of gemstones and their healing properties. The rings are inspired by an ancient Byzantine ring, given to her by her mother. Yumiluv incorporates the principals of jyotish astrology, where rings are prescribed as remedies. The stones touch the skin, imbuing the wearer with the properties of the gem. Jessica is passionately committed to using only untreated gemstones in her pieces. Her Etsy store features her rings. A more extensive line, including earrings and necklaces, is available at Morfes Gallery in Santorini Greece, where she has partnered with Despoina Mikropoulou to offer treasures of the earth and wearable art. 

The ring offered by Yumiluv in the Gem Gossip giveaway is a faceted Nigerian Phenakite set in solid 18k gold. Phenakite is considered to be the highest vibrational stone on the planet!


18k yellow gold bezel ring Nigerian Phenakite made by YUMILUV


How to Enter——-> 1. Follow @jessicaranek on Instagram AND @morfesgallery

                                2. Go to her Etsy shop and follow/like: Etsy Shop