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Gemvara: Where anyone can be a jewelry designer!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a jewelry designer?  Well at Gemvara you can have a feel for what that dream job is like!  Start by choosing from hundreds of designs–whether you are wanting a ring, necklace or earrings.  Once you find a piece of jewelry you like, let your designer instincts and your mouse go to work!  Want to change from yellow gold to rose gold?  Easy, just click!  Want to customize the gemstones to represent certain birthstones?  You can do that too!  I took three different designs offered at Gemvara below, and customized each the way I would like them.  See for yourself exactly what I did, and then go try your hand at designing.  


hoopbefore hoopafter

I love the size of these hoops and the added sparkle of the gemstones is perfect. I went from 14k yellow gold and blue sapphires to 14k white gold and red garnets. With this change, I was going for a more fashionable look picturing these worn with a draped scarf. The combination of garnet and white gold and rarely seen, which is another reason I picked those choices. The price also changes as you customize, so if the yellow gold and blue sapphires were not in your budget for $2131, maybe my customization would be easier on your wallet at a pricetag of $1501.

before after

This ring caught my eye right away! Although I really like how Gemvara has it already, I wanted to try something using an interesting color combination. I changed the metal to white gold to make it even more “icy.” The “before” had diamonds and a yellow sapphire in the center, done in 14k rose gold. My tweaked version has tanzanite in the center and as accent stone #2, with accent stone #1 done in yellow sapphire. My version is $946 and the original is $1131. This ring is neat because you can choose to have it two-tone.

gemvara21 gemvara33

This sort of pendant is perfect for customizing in birthstones, whether it be your children’s, grandchildren’s, or even pet’s! Sapphire is my birthstone, diamond is both my parents’ birthstone, and blue topaz is Billy’s. This necklace immediately becomes a keepsake when customized this way.