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Gems & Jewels: Recent Favorites

I’ve been terribly busy as of late; studying, planning, working on photo shoots, and booking travel plans. Excited to share some of these with everyone soon. However, I always have time to look at jewelry!  Just a few of my favorites below. Have you purchased any jewelry this summer?  Maybe while on vacation? Let me know!



Jennifer Fisher makes some amazing jewelry designs, I don’t think there is one that I don’t like! Double finger rings have still got me, and this one is especially unique being a snake. The ring is done in 14k yellow gold and black diamonds, price: $2800


Imagine this peacock inspired cuff on your upper wrist? It would be the same effect as if a peacock was showing off feathers. I think that is exactly what Carrera y Carrera was going for with this bracelet. The bracelet is done in white gold with diamonds, green tsavorite, iolite, blue sapphires, and green tourmaline.


I’ve always disliked Trillion cut diamonds (triangle shape). After seeing this ring, I’ve realized that I wasn’t disliking the cut of the diamond…it was the design of the ring. I love everything about this design and I can’t imagine how flattering it looks on a finger. I want to see! Designed by William Goldberg with a Trilliant diamond (check out his Ashoka cut).